Practice, practice, practice …

Yeah, when you were a kid, and it was piano lessons, practice stunk! But this is golf – your passion, your love. And the only way you’re going to beat Larry in Accounting at this year’s outing is – practice! We’ve got what you need at Galen Hall Golf Club.

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We have a practice range with three target flags and a practice green for chipping and putting.

We offer lessons for your full swing — and putting is a specialty training area for Mike Rudisill.

Mike utilizes the TOMI Putting Analysis system to help him help you with your putting.

“My teaching philosophy starts by confirming the student has sound fundamentals. Posture, grip, and alignment create the foundation for good golf.”
- Mike Rudisill

Lessons are based on the individual goals of the student with strong consideration of their physical capabilities.

Give Mike a call for more information — 610-678-9535
or email him at